• I wanted to write to say what a fantastic job WCS did on this claim. The adjuster documented the report very well and included pertinent conversations with the insured. Informative report to fully illustrate inspection/findings. This allowed me, the DA, to quickly and easily make decisions pertaining to the file. Great job!

  • I just wanted to pass along that I have had multiple insureds today express how professional and wonderful your field team has been. An insured this afternoon asked me to specifically pass along to you her total satisfaction with the work. Another today, who I had to inform that her roof would need to be a separate claim, was very complimentary of how your adjuster addressed things so swiftly to take care of them. For me personally, I find Wimberly to be a pleasure to work with and always takes care of things 100%.

  • The Wimberly adjuster inspected a large fire loss which included multiple apartments. She prepared a detailed estimate and was very thorough in her report and photos. I requested a slight revision and she completed it immediately. She is very fast, professional and a pleasure to work with. I thank her for providing us with such great service so in return, we can continue to provide our insureds with great service. Thank you!

  • I just wanted to let you know what a great job your adjuster did for me on this claim. Our insured liked him, finding him very friendly and knowledgeable. I thought he was great. He called me prior to going out just to make sure he was getting exactly what I was looking for on the report. He again called me after the inspection, to talk about the findings and alerted me to a underwriting concern. Wish more of the field adjusters were more like that! Just want to say, thank you for a job well done.

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